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Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers.

1200058402Dr. Menino will see you now: Mayor Tom Menino has spoken out against CVS’s proposed MinuteClinics, which will treat minor ailments in the stores. But the great thing about this story is the picture on the Herald’s front page. It should really think about making a line of unflattering Menino paper dolls. [Herald]

If the mayor won’t take on the fire department, the Globe sure will: In the first of two stories in today’s paper on the Boston Fire Department, the daily reports that firefighters earned their salaries on a tax-free basis for years while waiting to hear if their disability claim will be approved. In three years, that cost the city $43.5 million. [Globe]

At this point, there’s probably more prayer happening in cars than in churches: The Longfellow Bridge has a host of problems, from buckling sidewalks to corroded beams. The DCR is holding the thing together with silly putty and prayers until a 2010 rehab project begins. [Herald]

All those dead old ladies look the same: The medical examiner’s office is up to its old tricks, this time taking the wrong elderly woman’s body from a Brockton hospital. At least they realized their mistake right away this time instead of burying the wrong woman. [Globe]