The Romneys: Not Canceled Yet

1196786283Throughout the primary process, we’ve very much enjoyed watching Mitt Romney perform on a national stage. Whether he’s throwing friends under the bus or not really explaining his faith to America, it’s always been amusing. But now that he’s won, ahem, two silvers and a Wyoming gold, the assumption was we may not have Romney to entertain us much longer.

Not so fast.

First, though, the thought of a Romney-less campaign makes Slate magazine’s Bruce Reed sad.

For the past year, the Romney clan has welcomed us into their lives on an unprecedented scale. They had us over for Christmas to see Mitt got out his legal pad and ask his family whether to run. His refreshing wife Ann showed us how much she has to put up with. . . . Every step of the way, Tagg revealed family secrets and spoke great truths, rarely on purpose.

The Romneys was designed to be the most manipulative, invasive, manufactured reality show in political history. In spite of itself, it turned out to be revealing anyway. Like The Office, The Romneys has proved that fake reality TV is better because it has a script.

It makes our hearts ache to even think about it. Sure, Rudy Giuliani can take the soulless mantle when the Romney kids finally put the brakes on dear old dad’s ambitions, but he won’t be our soulless Republican. And while his family has provided some amusement, it won’t be the same without the Romney clan.

But there is good news. Old man Romney has promised that he’s in the race until Super-Duper Tuesday, no matter what happens in Michigan. So keep checking the Romney YouTube page—our favorite show hasn’t been canceled just yet.