Kerry Healey Still *Hearts* Mitt Romney

1200415963At last week’s Romney campaign fundraiser, we were surprised to see former Lieutenant Governor Kerry “Muffy” Healey stumping for her old boss. While she isn’t as anti-Romney as former acting governor Jane Swift, he did kick her while she was down after her failed bid for governor. But Muffy has hitched her star to his wagon once again, and continues to campaign for Romney during the primaries.

Although she doesn’t seem too confident in the Romney campaign’s leadership.

“I’ll be deployed to Florida, which is my home state. I don’t know if they remember me there but I think I’ll be able to help him. . .”

And the Romney campaign is supposed to be the best organized in this year’s field? We’d hate to see where Ron Paul is sending his minions. The people who work at Planned Parenthood probably don’t want to hear the candidate’s pro-liberty, anti-abortion platform, guys.

Though in the end, it may be better if Healey campaigns in a place where nobody knows her name. We certainly remember her here, and not always fondly. And, hey, at least the weather’s nice in Florida.