Mitt Romney Has Another Moment

1200426783There are many reasons why voters don’t like Mitt Romney. His too-perfect demeanor. His habit of changing positions whenever the political winds blow in a new direction. But perhaps the example that best encapsulates the combination of bullshit and buffoonery that has turned voters off is a little something we call the Sachs affair.

This weekend, Romney had a photo-op and conversation with Elizabeth Sachs, a 51-year-old single mother who lost her job and health insurance, and can’t find anyone to buy her house in Michigan. Look how nice he seems, sitting there feeling an average Michigander’s pain.

The problem is that neither he nor his campaign revealed that her son Steve Sachs organizes five counties and is paid by the Romney campaign. Surprise!

The Romney campaign maintains that Steve’s association with the campaign doesn’t make his mother’s situation any less sad. But it’s a tailor-made example detractors will cite when they call him a disingenuous opportunist. For a man who’s struggling to find some credibility before Super-Duper Tuesday, it’s the last thing he needs.

But of course, he gives those who loathe him a little something more.

[W]hen it came time to take questions from the reporters gathered around Sachs’ kitchen table, Romney joked: “If you don’t want to answer any questions, that’s fine, too. What I’ve learned is, if they ask a question, you can answer something else.”

Funny guy.