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1201008462Funny joke, Tom. Now stop it: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was photographed by the paparazzi limping into girlfriend Gisele Bundchen’s New York apartment in a cast. Brady says he’ll be fine for the Super Bowl. [Herald]

If middle school kids pay attention to anything, it’s a sign: School and city officials are teaming up with convenience store owners to post signs that encourage middle school children to switch to juice, low-fat milk, or water instead of sugary sodas. [Globe]

Don’t expect to see a show on Lansdowne Street anytime soon: The owner of the Lansdowne Music Hall, the venue that will replace Axis and Avalon, says that the new venue won’t open until “mid-to-late fall” instead of early spring. The delay has left bands with a Goldilocks-like dilemma of playing venues that are too small or too large for their fans. [Herald]

You’re going to pay more for your Project Runway fix: Cable and satellite TV providers are raising their rates an average of 4 percent in Massachusetts next month. The companies cite the number of new services they provide customers as the reason for the hike. [Globe]