Girl Scout Cookies Go High-Class

1202330816We knew we’d have to fortify ourselves before slogging through the streets of Boston to attend all three primary results parties last night. Instead of sitting down to a square meal, we loaded up on desserts.

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts’ third-annual Cookie Creations event featured some of Boston’s best pastry chefs’ interpretations of classic Girl Scout Cookies.

Chipper Girl Scout volunteers greeted us as we arrived at the Hotel Commonwealth. After we hung up our coats, two teenage Scouts asked us if we’d like to buy some cookies. We resisted the temptation to dive face-first into a box of Thin Mints and waited for the main event.

That would be the only restraint we’d show all night. The Girl Scouts invited pastry chefs from restaurants like Banq, Great Bay, and Flour to utilize a Girl Scout cookie in an original dessert. The chefs stood over their creations as Scouts and their families (and Boston Daily) feasted on the sweet stuff.

Our favorite was Skipjack’s Executive Chef Andrew Wilkinson’s truffles and Thin Mint Hot Chocolate with Thin Minted Marshmallows. The hot chocolate was great, but we could have eaten a tray of the minted marshmallows. The handmade marshmallow provided a sticky contrast to the crunchy Thin Mint coating. Wilkinson’s truffles were so smooth, we couldn’t tell they actually had cookies in them until we read the recipe.

Boston Daily also enjoyed Ranveer Brar, of Banq’s Tien, combination of Thin Mints and Chocolate Parfait, but it was difficult to eat while balancing a plate and a glass of water. Even when we sat our plate on a table, we couldn’t get a bite of the cookie without it spraying crumbs everywhere.

1202330843Another favorite of the Scout moms was from the Executive Pastry Chef of the Chatham Bars Inn. Michael Peponis’ Fried White Chocolate and Lemonades Cheesecake with Carmel deLite Ice Cream was the most beautifully presented dessert. A coconut chip was placed on top of the ice cream, and the cheesecake was set on top of a tangy mango sauce. The cheesecake was delicious, but was also hard to eat gracefully.

Two winners were crowned at Cookie Creations. The crowd favorite was the Chatham Bars Inn’s fried cheesecake, while celebrity judges Jill Epstein of Where to Eat Magazine, Matty in the Morning producer Kendra Hajjar, and TV Diner associate producer Jenny Johnson voted Skipjack’s truffles and hot chocolate the winner.

We credit the Girl Scouts and the fine chefs who worked with the cookies for keeping us going during Super Tuesday. If you just can’t believe that your favorite cookie wasn’t represented in the winners column, keep your eyes open for next year’s event. Until then, we’ll be scarfing down the Thin Mints.