Ron Paul Is Telling You He’s Not Going

1202841398We here at Boston Daily deal with grief by withdrawing. (We washed the stink of loss and wings off our Patriots gear, then tucked it away until training camp.) In that vein, we haven’t really been paying attention to the presidential race since our handsome stud former governor Mitt Romney dropped out.

But at least we can rely on one man to stay with us. No, we’re not talking about Mike Huckabee. Ron Paul assures his supporters that he has no plans to give up.

His campaign issued a statement reminding voters that he’s still in it.

“As the results of this weekend have made clear, many Republican voters are not satisfied with our party’s likely candidate for president, John McCain. . . This is why my run for the Republican nomination will not end. . . As long as my supporters continue to support my campaign, I will not leave Republicans who have yet to vote without the ability to choose a candidate who holds these fundamental Republican values.”

The campaign also released a video featuring the Texas congressman sitting in a wood paneled office straight out of 1972. The decor isn’t the only old-school thing Paul brought to the video—instead of keeping it short and working in music or fast cuts to appeal to the YouTube viewer, he prattles on for what seems like hours.

The most noteworthy thing we heard in the video was that Paul is staying in the race partially because “Surprises do occur. . . There may be a lot of information on the other two candidates that will alter this election completely and totally.”

That sounds like you have some good gossip, Ron — so dish already.