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1202909386That’s one way to make the trains run on time: Sick of customer complaints that the trains are always late, the MBTA will change the schedule of the Framingham/Worcester line to reflect the actual time the trains arrive. [Globe]

Mayor reads paper, becomes incensed: Mayor Tom Menino was shocked to find that an entire neighborhood in Dorchester has been blighted due to a rash of foreclosures. Menino says he will look into revoking the licenses of any unscrupulous lenders and will start cleaning up the graffiti-covered houses tomorrow. [Herald]

The one thing we’re uncomfortable with is looking at a minor in his bedroom without pants: Bo Burnham, a 17-year-old from Danvers, has become a YouTube sensation with his inappropriate songs. He even got a deal with Comedy Central. So why can’t he afford pants? [Globe]

And we thought he was just high all the time: Sox reliever Craig Hansen has a new lease on life, now that he’s had surgery to relieve his sleep apnea. He found out he had the condition after Sox management made him see a doctor because he kept falling asleep during team meetings. [Herald]