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1202995581You’ll still get the freshest Sweethearts: Gov. Deval Patrick helped keep the New England Confectionery Co. in Massachusetts. When reports surfaced that NECCO may need to leave the Bay State, the Massachusetts Office of Business Development stepped in and negotiated a deal that will keep the NECCO Wafers coming. [Herald]

It almost makes you long for the days of leeches: A study of six Massachusetts hospitals found that 1 in 10 patients is the victim of a drug error. The report recommends that hospitals adopt expensive computerized prescription systems to cut down on mistakes. [Globe]

Has anyone tried this tactic at Gitmo? A Boston teacher has started baking cookies for her class when a cop comes to talk to the kids about avoiding crime. The officer says the cookies relax the kids and make them more likely to talk to police. [Herald]

You must be some kind of evil if your own father wants you dead: Daniel Tavares, the man who was released from jail by a judge appointed by Mitt Romney, pleaded guilty to charges he killed a young couple in Washington state. He will be sentenced to life in prison, but spared the death penalty. Tavares’ own father was disappointed his son won’t be put to death. [Globe]