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1203686473D’oh! That pretty much sums up the reaction of former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s aides after they read the New York Times article about John McCain’s close relationship with a lobbyist. [Herald]

Shouldn’t you be fighting fires, not each other? The report on the deaths of firefighters Warren Payne and Paul Cahill has been submitted by a Boston Fire Department panel, which found that drug impairment was not a factor in their deaths. Fire commissioner Roderick Frasier believes the panel should not be so quick to dismiss the possibility. [Globe]

We told you nobody wants to see Kellie Pickler: Organizers of a concert to raise money for victims of the Station nightclub fire are desperate to get people to the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence. The arena needs to be crowded to solicit donations when VH1 airs the concert on Easter. [Herald]

Again, where was this guy in 2004? Sen. John Kerry jokes about the few hours he spent in the mountains of Afghanistan with two of his fellow senators due to bad weather. “We were going to send [Joe] Biden out to fight the Taliban with snowballs, but we didn’t have to do it.” [Globe]