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1204119067Will he, won’t he? Gov. Deval Patrick faces the ghost of Benjamin LaGuer as he will have to decide whether to commute the sentence of Arnold King, who killed an aide to Mayor Kevin White in 1971. [Globe]

This is almost as bad as letting Britney Spears babysit: In an agreement that will spare him a criminal charge for possessing cocaine, Bobby Brown will serve a year of community service in Brockton, probably mentoring children. We expect such riveting lessons as “Crack is Whack” and “The Proper Time to Deploy ‘My Prerogative.'” [Herald]

Yet another victim of the 1040EZ: The Revere man who allegedly killed his mother did so after she said she couldn’t help him with his taxes. Dude. We hate filing our taxes too, but we’ve refrained from stabbing people over it. [Globe]

What’s worse than being present during a melee? Not being able to get your valuables back. [Herald]