Note to Pedestrians: The Car Always Wins

1204310075We here at Boston Daily like to solve problems. Oftentimes we use nuanced debate to accomplish this goal. Other times, there is no easy consensus. Therefore, we deploy the beloved playground impasse breaker of rock, paper, scissors.

After all the accidents involving pedestrians this morning, perhaps we should rename the game: car, cab, pedestrian.

Not only did a car accident tie up traffic and send a pedestrian to the hospital in our neck of the woods, but reports that a pedestrian was struck by a cab in Back Bay.

Here’s how our game works: Car beats pedestrian, cab beats car (by driving erratically and damaging car first), and cab beats pedestrian. Note the important part: The automobile always wins.

Back in August, Boston Daily contributor and lover of bovine coital relations Joe Keohane, wrote about the dismal relationship between pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers in our fair city. He suggests that perhaps we like taking our life in our hands as we navigate these cow paths we call streets.

Now, we’re not saying that pedestrians don’t have the right of way (in crosswalks). Nor are we saying that cars have a right to smack said pedestrians any old time they feel like it. But maybe, just maybe, pedestrians should stop walking across the street as if they are protected by some invisible force field, blithely unaware of the killing machines recklessly barreling toward them, particularly while gabbing on a cell phone or engrossed in their iPods. Just a thought.