Sal and Deval: A Lover’s Quarrel

1204146173Last week, we learned a lot about the relationship between Gov. Deval Patrick and House Speaker Sal DiMasi. We heard all about the couple’s attempts to keep the lines of communication open and how they like to “giggle” about their public feuds in private.

The men should have a lot to laugh about behind closed doors today. Inspired by the Globe’s report that Patrick lowballed the number of construction jobs that would be created by three casinos, DiMasi gave his grievances a very public airing out.

“It seems like we have a proposal where no tough questions were even asked — let alone answered,” DiMasi said. “The Governor clearly has the burden of convincing the Legislature that this casino plan should be adopted. So far, the case has not been made, the evidence isn’t there and the Governor’s arguments for casinos are clearly losing credibility.”

We hate when Mommy and Daddy fight. Especially when Mommy (Daddy?) doesn’t see the fight coming. An hour or so before posted this item, they had one that was titled “Patrick senses casino support developing despite jobs dispute.” (It has since been updated to reflect DiMasi’s remarks.)

Earlier in the day, Patrick jokingly told union members they should lock the door and twist the arms of the dozens of lawmakers attending the annual Greater Boston Labor Council Breakfast.

They say that verbally abusive relationships often turn violent. Who knew one-party rule on Beacon Hill could turn into a Lifetime movie?