02138 Makes Us Superstitious

1205423681As Bostonians, we love to talk about curses. Now that we don’t have the Curse of the Bambino to kick around anymore, our city needs a new superstition. And we think we have one that’s perfect.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the curse of 02138.

The bi-monthly Harvard alumni rag has a track record of featuring power players just before their fall from grace. As several blogs have pointed out, Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda Wall Spitzer were featured as one of the magazine’s Power Couples in 2006. And we all know what happened there.

But Eliot and Silda weren’t the only couple torn apart by 02138. Above the Law reported that fellow Power Couple Martha Nussbaum and Cass Sunstein also ran into problems after being featured in the package.

Let’s see, Cass Sunstein’s “personal reasons” for leaving U. Chicago… hold on a sec. Isn’t Professor Sunstein part of legal academia’s most fabulous power couple, together with that renowned philosopher queen, Professor Martha Nussbaum? And didn’t Professor Nussbaum just turn down a Harvard offer?

It appears that Professor Sunstein may be part of a new “power couple” — in the most literal sense.

And who is the third player in this love triangle? None other than former Barack Obama adviser, chronic foot-in-mouth disease sufferer, and Harvard professor Samantha Power. Power talked about the parallels between Vieira de Mello and Obama in the magazine shortly before her “monster” comments overshadowed the inanity of her 02138 her interview.

Barack has dozens of people like that. What else can I say? They’re both charming and hot. But please don’t lead with that.

There’s more. Mitt Romney was featured in the 2007 spring issue, back when things still looked somewhat rosy for his campaign. Now he’s left to hope for a VP nod from John McCain.

And Harvard hottie Rashida Jones posed on the cover of the magazine’s debut issue. Now she’s stuck on a God-awful FOX sitcom.

Our advice to Harvard alumni? Change your number so 02138 doesn’t know where to find you.