Wishing on a Star

1206118582Why is it that no college kid can dress him or herself properly when attending a public hearing? Star Simpson, the MIT student, who wore her art project to the airport and was arrested at gunpoint back in September, appeared in court today in an attempt to get the charges against her dropped. She didn’t have much luck, which isn’t surprising when you see the high-sock and capri pant ensemble she was rocking.

We wait with baited breath to see what she wears to her trial in May.

[Simpson’s lawyer Thomas] Dwyer said he expects a ruling on his motion May 23 and if the case is not dismissed he will push forward with a trial that same day. Simpson and her MIT buddies will testify that she wore the device the prior week on campus as an art project.

While the LED controversy is so 2007, we can’t wait to hear Simpson testify in court. Not only are we curious about her sartorial choices, but we’re still waiting to hear an explanation as to why she thought it was a good idea to wear a shirt with wires hanging out of it to an airport.