Mayor Menino Is Standing By

1206390474Mayor Tom Menino has a face for radio. He doesn’t really have the voice for it, but Hizzoner won’t let his heavy accent hold him back. The Herald reports that he has a new part-time radio gig with our pal Michele McPhee.

While the Herald says that Menino will appear once a week, McPhee told us that he’ll appear once a month on a segment adorably titled “Menino and McPhee.”

“We go way back,” McPhee told Boston Daily, “so this show will be an extension of that relationship.”

McPhee won’t be monopolizing the conversation. WTKK listeners can dial in to ask Menino all their questions about bicycling and which video games he wants to ban. The only person who’s more excited than us about this is Howie Carr, who will, no doubt, tune in to find new and exciting ways to tease the mayor about his misspeaking.