Brian McNamee Is Coming to Everett

1206480335Since our bleary eyes were trained on our television and the goings-on thousands of miles away this morning, we missed the advertisement on the bottom of the Herald’s back page until Boston Sports Media Watch pointed it out. Everett sports nutrition store American Nutrition Center will have a special guest on Thursday. Personal trainer and Roger Clemens foil Brian McNamee will make his first public appearance since testifying before Congress last month.

Thinking it may have been a cruel joke, we called the store and spoke to owner Steve Cardillo.

Cardillo met both men a decade ago when a friend introduced him to the the Rocket’s’ then strength coach, McNamee. From then on, Cardillo would arrange for gyms for Clemens when he visited Boston, and provided sports nutrition to Clemens and his teammates.

Then the Mitchell Report happened.

“When this thing hit, I reached out to both of them,” Cardillo says. “Brian was the only one who reached back to me, and that’s why he’s coming back to me now that the dust has settled.”

Unfortunately, the store is too small to allow the public to attend. A few student athletes will be invited, along with a few strength coaches from local sports teams. Cardillo says he hopes to have video of the event on the store’s MySpace page within a couple of days.

McNamee won’t be taking questions about the steroid scandal, but will talk about training, nutrition, and exercise. He will also be signing copies of his mission statement at the end of the event to remind the students and trainers to avoid the temptations of the industry.

“A Lifetime of Achievements can be Defined by a Singular Monumental Mistake.”