Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1206469566A-Walk walks: The DUI charge against Globe columnist Adrian Walker will be dismissed if he takes an alcohol education course and stays out of trouble for a year. [Globe]

Early birds: Some Red Sox fans got up to view the game at a bar, despite the fact that the watering holes couldn’t serve alcohol at that early hour. []

Late risers: Still other fans chose sleep over sport. [Basegirl]

A banner day for Fluff fanatics everywhere: Legislators and nutritionists want to pass a bill that would establish a 14-member panel to encourage better eating habits and physical fitness in Massachusetts schools. A similar bill failed after an amendment from Sen. Jarrett Barrios attracted scorn for trying to ban Fluffernutter sandwiches. [Cambridge Chronicle]

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Need a new chair for baseball-watching? We recommend the ultra-durable Tripolina.

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