Samantha’s Return to Power

1206557676It was a happy day for the male members of the Boston Daily team. Harvard professor and loose cannon Samantha Power is back in the news. The former Barack Obama aide appeared at Columbia University yesterday to promote her new book and talk a little more about what she dubbed “monster-gate.”

The Huffington Post reports that Power regrets the “monster” comment, but she isn’t sorry for criticizing the Clinton’s campaign’s remarks about Obama’s Iraq policy.

“Take for example that 3 am phone call [from Clinton’s campaign commercial]… She is not going to answer the phone and play a voicemail she recorded in 2007. That is crazy. She is going to judge the situation in 2009. Of course she is going to take into account what the generals have to say about the Iraq situation and what they are saying on the ground.”

If her unwillingness to back down didn’t increase the ardor of my male counterparts, she’s also coyly hinting that she may appear in the hypothetical President Obama cabinet.

“Because of the kind of campaign that Senator Obama has run,” Power said, “it seemed appropriate for someone of my Irish temper to step aside, at least for a while. We will see what happens there.”

Fired up, ready to go” has a whole new meaning around Boston Daily HQ.