Achievement Reaches New High at Days Inn

1206711856Boston Daily is a big fan of academic achievement. Whether students are building robots or, as we learn in the new issue of Boston magazine (seriously, isn’t John Krasinski reason enough to buy it at your favorite newsstand now?) developing green concrete, we support them in their efforts to create things we never thought possible.

Including the geniuses of the Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity, who managed to inflict a stunning $25,000 in damage to the Days Inn in Allston. [Link via Bostonist.]

Indeed, these young people did what once took the all the members of Guns N’ Roses and their roadies to accomplish.

[D]ozens of people from the Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity were allegedly going from room to room and destroying items. While officers were trying to clear the hallways, the various groups continued to run from floor to floor to avoid the police.

1206711914But the most impressive thing is that these fraternity members managed to wrack up a $25,000 damage bill at a Days Inn. The total value of the generic pastel paintings, scratchy comforters, and standard-definition televisions is about $50 per room (rough estimate). It took hard work and lots of shots of Goldschlager to wreak that much havoc, and we salute you. Now, grow the hell up. Please.