The Superpowers of Mayor Tom Menino

1206728252If we could choose a super power, it would be a toss-up between flight and invisibility. We’d either save a ton of money on airfare, or we’d be the best journalists in the world.

But what would Mayor Tom Menino choose? If you ask the Globe, he’s chosen the power of invincibility. According to the Herald, his preference remains a mystery.

In the broadsheet’s story about Ralph Martin’s new non-mayoral-candidate job, an expert declares that Menino is invincible.

“Mayor Menino is invincible at this point,” Jeffrey Berry, a professor of political science at Tufts University. “There is no candidate on the horizon who can effectively challenge him.”

In a story titled “Former Suffolk DA won’t challenge Menino, But mayor isn’t invincible, insiders say” the Herald hopes someone may find Menino’s kryptonite. It might be developing on kitchen tables around the city.

“What you have is Menino and [Mike] Flaherty. There’s no question Flaherty runs,” said a City Hall source.

Flaherty is positioning himself as the new-blood foil to Menino, putting forth a series of big-picture proposals and launching “kitchentable” meetings with residents.

Will this new superhero fell our inarticulate mayor? Or will he reach deep within himself to reign supreme over this great metropolis? Stay tuned.