Who Is the Unfunniest Comic of Them All?

1207066270Everybody has an opinion about Dane Cook. The Arlington native (and Boston magazine profile subject) is back in the news, and not because he’s got a new album coming out. The New York Post reports that Cook is one of the favorites to win WBCN’s Unfunniest Comic bracket.

But Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb, the hosts who started the contest, tell us not to put all our money on Cook just yet.

“My favorite to win the whole thing is Jimmy Fallon,” Toucher told us. “His CD The Bathroom Wall was just 60 minutes of pure pabulum.”

Cook has been the dark horse in the competition, beating higher-seed Larry the Cable Guy. His next challenge is to beat unfunny late-night host and fellow Massachusetts native Jay Leno in the next round.

We asked the duo if the winner of the competition would get a plaque or trophy to mark his or her victory.

“What would you write? ‘Hey, we’re a bunch of idiots who think you suck?'”


“If [Dane Cook] wins, we’re definitely going to try and have him on to accept the title.” If the Post’s report on Cook’s diva-like behavior is true, we hope he wins the whole contest. Just to see what happens.

The Toucher and Rich show is on 104.1 WBCN weekdays from 3-7p.m.