Single in Boston

1207161065As a single woman on the East Coast, I felt somewhat vindicated by a survey in the Sunday Globe. It’s making its way around the internet today. Richard Florida writes that women on the our side of the country have a much harder time finding a man than if they lived on the West Coast.

Still, I take issue with his evaluation of dating in Boston.

Greater Boston is unusual among large metro areas. It is one of the very few with a near perfect balance of singles – having just 1,600 or so more women than men – 604,960 men to 606,580 women.

In my experience, the balance has not been perfect by any means. My female friends—who have different backgrounds, personalities, and physiques—are largely single. Around Boston Daily HQ, most of the unmarried men have girlfriends, while the unmarried women are left to blog about their trials and tribulations.

Is it that all the unattached men in Boston are unattractive and unemployed, or are the 1,600 other single women in the city having better luck than my friends and I are? In any case, I’d like to propose an exchange program for singles. The East Coast can send over a few women in exchange for some of the dateless guys on the West Coast. That way everybody’s happy.