The Week That Was

1207144539Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (no, not Bob Lobel and Jackie Mac! edition)

The Herald is number two! The Metro’s wildly fluctuating circulation numbers return us to our happy two-newspaper town.

Is Boston a great town for dating? Maybe if you’re a dude, but the ladies are hurting.

A lame piece on a cool man: 60 Minutes takes on Bill James.

MIT sticks it to the man: The NYPD is after the doctoral student who invented TXTmob.

Dane Cook: The Unfunniest Comic of them all? WBCN’s Toucher and Rich hope to find out.

Manny Ramirez: Male model. We still don’t believe it either.

We don’t understand college kids these days: Coed rooms and tight living in Cambridge.

MVP! MVP! Why can’t Kevin Garnett win it again?

The MBTA knew you’d come back: All it took was a huge jump in gas prices.

Wildlife strikes again: A hawk bomb-dives a teenager at Fenway.


Does this mean we’re not getting that pony we wanted? Gov. Deval Patrick’s campaign promises are in trouble during these tough financial times.

Mitt Romney will not be Vice President: So just calm down, social conservatives.

Media News
It started with behind-the-scenes employee layoffs at WBZ, then they came for Bob Lobel, Joyce Kulhawik, and Scott Wahle. Are we the only young people sad to see them go?

Cosmo Macero gave us his thoughts on the departure of Steve Bailey. The Globe continued to lose talent, with Jackie MacMullan telling us she’s taking the buyout. Unfortunately, Adrian Walker did not.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be praying that these media cuts don’t take Hazel Mae away.