Weekend Redux: What You Missed

Just because you spent all weekend trying to figure out those heinous Blue Jays uniforms doesn’t mean the world stopped moving. We round up the notable stories you missed.

1207573574 The Red Sox continue their bid to make visiting Fenway Park a pipe dream for most families by auctioning off Green Monster seats to the highest bidder. Monster seats for a Sox-Yankees game went for as much as $519 each.

But don’t worry, middle-class families. Ownership is doing it for you.

“We feel it’s our civic responsibility to keep tickets affordable for fans,” said Ron Bumgarner, vice president of ticketing, “and at the end of the day, this helps keep other ticket prices down.”

How, exactly?

Another thing we didn’t quite understand that was helpfully cleared up for us was the claim in Gov. Deval Patrick’s book proposal that he “fill[ed] the Boston Common recently with ten thousand people.” Turns out, he was referring to Sen. Barack Obama’s appearance on the Common last year, for which Patrick served as opening act. And this is a work of nonfiction?

It seems that describing injuries as something a “big, black man” would do doesn’t make you a racist. That’s the logic behind Judge Gary Nickerson’s decision to let the verdict in the Christina Worthington murder trial stand.

Maybe it’s due to all the talk of New Kids on the Block coming back, but I’m feeling a little sentimental after reading a story about blogging teenage girls. The picture of two suburban girls, huddled around a laptop in a room decorated with pictures clipped from magazines and the excerpts from their blogs remind me of my own tortured and self-involved teenage ramblings. Except these kids have cable internet while I was stuck with dial-up.

Do you have problems? The city of Boston isn’t prepared to hear them. Two years after Mayor Tom Menino promised residents a complaint tracking system, the line still isn’t living up to expectations.

You probably shouldn’t keep your hopes up for any new services or school programs either. As you may have heard, state and local government is broke.

Mark May 3 on your calendars. That’s the day for City Council President Maureen Feeney’s citywide civic summit.

Note to parents who allow their kids to do ultimate fighting: Homer Simpson choking Bart out of frustration is a joke, not a form of exercise.

Though we should probably just be happy the kids aren’t using machetes. Yet.