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1207571126If you want to die on the cheap, don’t come to Boston: End-of-life care at the area’s academic hospitals is more expensive than other areas of the country, according to a new study from the Dartmouth Medical School. Patients see more specialists and spend more time in the hospital, but the extra care may not help them live longer. [Globe]

In case your Monday wasn’t depressing enough: A teenage girl held her 2-year-old sister as they died in a fire in South Boston early Sunday morning. Officials suspect the fire was intentionally set. [Herald]

Windmills are coming to a Harbor Island near you: Gov. Deval Patrick and other officials will announce plans to install wind turbines on Deer Island. Unlike the turbines planned for Ted Kennedy’s backyard, the Deer Island turbines have faced no opposition. [Globe]

It’s like Mythbusters for fast-food: McDonalds has launched a new website to address the host of schoolyard rumors about what’s actually in their food. Shockingly, the beef in your Big Mac doesn’t contain ground worms or kangaroo meat. [Herald]