The Last Word

Your long day of corporate drudgery is over. Get out and enjoy the city! Here are a few ideas to get you started, lovingly picked by Boston Daily.

With the baseball season now officially in full swing, you’d think John Dennis and Gerry Callahan would be too busy to bowl a few frames. Not so. The WEEI talk show hosts take a break from the airwaves to host the Bowling Challenge for Children.

Teenage girls may be blogging, but they’re also interested in writing for print. The silent auction and awards reception at AMPLIFY! will raise money for Teen Voices.

Back when we were kids in the suburbs, the set of the Grind seemed like the hottest dance venue in the world. Relive the glory days as the show’s former host, David Morales, spins at Underbar.

Drinking wine that’s advertised as Hot Off the Vine sounds a little gross. But it actually refers to the vintages available at 33 Restaurant and Lounge’s sampling event.