The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (hooray for the return of flip-flop weather edition)

Mayor Tom Menino: Sex bomb. Or something.

The Zen of Manny: Forget NESN commentary. When Ramirez retires, he’s going to be our self-help guru.

Is the Globe bloodletting over? Marty Baron says the buyouts are over and layoffs won’t be necessary, but he doesn’t say who’s leaving.

Local boys done good: Brett Portanova and Eric Poydar’s Larry (the Actor) debuts at IFFBoston.

Local boys done bad: Another BC football player gets arrested.

Tanked ‘Klank: Channel 7 General Manager Randi Goldklank makes the news instead of breaking the news.

Is Gordo gone? Gordon Edes and Peter May are the latest sportswriters rumored to be leaving the Globe.

Um, did someone tell the Patriots they went 18-1? Apparently not.

Big Baby gets handsy: The Celtics rookie loves manicured nails almost as much as we love him.

Karl Rove cannot be bothered by facts like names: The Republican mastermind takes on Gov. Patrick Deval.

Someone bought the David Ortiz jersey for $175,100: Remind us to bury things, dig them up, and auction them off for profit.

Controlling behavior is abusive: The domestic violence crisis continues in Massachusetts.

WTF indeed: Somebody needs to get the city of Boston a list of commonly used internet shorthand. And while they’re at it, maybe some better voting equipment for the state.

Game One was awesome. Mike Bibby shot his mouth off, but couldn’t back it up in Game Two. And Rajon Rondo may be even more at peace than Manny Ramirez.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be taking in the sights of Miss Coco Peru.