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1209126127It’s easy being Harvard: The university just received a $100 million gift from David Rockefeller. It’s the largest alumni donation in the institution’s history of huge gifts. [Globe]

Maybe they can use it to stockpile rice: Stores in Chinatown report that customers are snapping up bags of rice as the price skyrockets. [Herald]

That explains all the potholes: A city audit shows that Department of Public Works employees and supervisors routinely showed up late, left early, and did little work during their shortened shifts. [Globe]

Speaking of not getting things done: Gov. Deval Patrick’s wife could financially benefit from a bill that the Governor allowed to slip into law. The new rule mandates that employers pay triple the damages if they lose a wage dispute with an employee, which could start a flood of claims and make more work for Diane Patrick’s law firm. [Herald]