Everybody Hates Logan

The last time we flew from Logan, we didn’t have a great experience. (Thanks again to the incompetent malcontents at the security checkpoints. If you’re that miserable, shouldn’t you be working at the Registry of Motor Vehicles?)

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who dread heading to New England’s biggest airport. The Globe reports that Logan slipped to 16th place in a survey of traveler satisfaction.

In 2007, the airport ranked seventh. So what gives?

The survey did show that travelers were more pleased with the quality and cost of food and retail items sold at Logan. But overall, some passengers left the airport with a bad taste in their mouths because of flight delays and cancellations, which have become more frequent in Boston and across the country.

Maybe those travelers would have enjoyed the holdup if they’d read Boston magazine’s guide to the best places to visit while you’re stuck on terra firma in East Boston.

But the delays weren’t the only problem travelers cited.

Passengers said they were considerably less satisfied with Logan’s security checkpoint this year compared with last year, even though the time to reach the other side of the metal detector remained unchanged at 15 minutes.

Even 15 minutes spent with the barking power-mad TSA employees is too much. Trust us.


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