When Love and Politics Collide

It’s hard to fault someone for dating a loser. Perhaps it’s slightly easier to fault them for marrying someone who doesn’t have their stuff together, but God knows we’ve dated our share of jerks for reasons we no longer understand.

1211470224But to say someone is unfit for a job because of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s actions? That’s crossing a line.

It was announced yesterday that Gov. Deval Patrick appointed Rep. Rachel Kaprielian to head the Registry of Motor Vehicles. According to the Globe, the Watertown Democrat is serving her seventh term in the House. But the Herald focuses on her husband’s three drunk driving arrests, featuring this quote from Republican spokesman Barney Keller.

“The only thing Rachel Kaprielian knows about the RMV is that when you drive drunk, you get your license taken away,” said state GOP spokesman Barney Keller. “And if you do it twice, you have a (breath-activated locking) device installed on your ignition.”