The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (we’re starting summer hours! edition)

1211306331Ted Kennedy had a seizure: Then things got even worse.

Jon Lester threw a no-hitter: And we’re giving all our tickets to Mrs. Keohane from now on. (No, not really, Joe.)

Mitt Romney’s PAC with a vengeance: With a little help from us, naturally.

People’s gets some love: Esquire loves People’s Republik almost as much as we do.

What happens when you put a reporter in a Hummer? Nothing.

The college kids are leaving town: We look back on our time together.

Casinos are back (maybe): And Sal DiMasi is responsible.

Somerville wants to go green: But doesn’t know how.

Gonz’s inbox will never be the same again: We’re looking for New Kids on the Block fans with the right stuff.

We’ll bring Mall Madness! Mitt Romney has a very important sleepover this weekend.

Get well soon: Steven Tyler is in rehab.

The kids love news anchors: Facebook is rife with groups dedicated to our local media players.

Pull yourself together, man! We’re a little worried about Sal.

We share our wisdom: Don’t activate the Amber Alert system if you want to get away with skipping school, kids.

The Celtics send LeBron and company home in what may have been the most awesome Game 7 in the history of ever. Then they turned their attention to the Pistons, with mixed results.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be thinking about the men and women who’ve given their lives for our country. Seriously.