Return of the Jinx

Remember those wonderful days before the Super Bowl, when the Patriots were 18-0? Everybody was talking about jinxes. The Herald accused the Globe of jinxing the team by writing a book about the perfect season, then it accused Mayor Tom Menino of cursing the team to failure because he started planning a victory parade.

Now it’s time for the Celtics to deal with the superstitious fans out there.

Yesterday, Deadspin reported that the ESPN store at Disney World had Celtics Eastern Conference Championship t-shirts for sale this weekend. Thankfully, the site doesn’t start shouting from the rooftops about how this spells doom for the team.

But for those who can’t enjoy sports without getting their superstitious panties in a knot, the Herald comes up big by saying our favorite peach Schnapps-drinking supermodel is hexing the Celtics.

It has not escaped Celtics fans’ notice that when Gisele Bundchen was in da house last week, the Green Team’s perfect home playoff record suddenly came to a screeching halt. Talk about deja-vu-all-over-again! Because the last time Gi was front-and-center at a big time sporting event, Tommy and the Patriots were busy losing their bid for perfection at Super Bowl XLII!

Whatever. If the Celtics lose, it’s going to be their own damn fault. The Brazilian supermodel will have nothing to do with it. Unless that trapeze artist comes and convinces Gisele to run off to the circus, thus throwing the players off their game.