Everyone’s Crazy About Sex

1212083686Like a lot of people we can’t wait to see the Sex and the City movie. It’s all the heavy drinking, frustration with men, and female bonding we crave, except in a different city and dressed in much nicer clothes. (Speaking of the wardrobe, we’re counting down our favorite Carrie Bradshaw ensembles on Bostonista.)

So we’re pretty excited for the movie. Note that we said excited. Not insane. Some Sex fans have crossed into stark raving lunacy in advance of the movie’s release tomorrow.

Locally, the Herald tells us about women who threw fits after they were turned away from a screening at the Regal Cinema Fenway on Tuesday.

“My friend was so angry, she walked right up to the candy counter and returned her Twizzlers,” said the fabulous and 40-something Lynn Dale, who brought 19 friends to the screening for her birthday party.

“She said, ‘If I can’t see your stinkin’ movie, I don’t need these stinkin’ Twizzlers.’ ”

That’s funny. When we’re upset, our first instinct is to stuff ourselves with the nearest available snack food. Maybe her friend turned to comfort of a different sort? Bostonians aren’t the only ones who’ve lost perspective. NY Mag’s Daily Intel reports that Mayor Michael Bloomburg was huffy that his scenes in the film were cut.

“By the way, I was originally supposed to have a part in Sex and the City, but my scene wound up on the cutting-room floor. It turned out that they wanted more sex and less city. That’s fine. Their loss.”

It would be like Mayor Tom Menino bitching about not getting a cameo in The Departed. It’s just unbecoming. But not as unbecoming as two women outside the New York premiere of the Sex movie who were openly crying tears of joy fashion.

Ladies (and some gentlemen)—you need to calm down. It’s a movie. One that’s gotten fairly lukewarm reviews. Grab a drink (not a Cosmo, for the love of God), put on your DVDs of the show, and relax until you get your fix tomorrow.