Still More Mitt Romney Speculation

1212158460Mitt Romney is such a tease.

One minute he wants to be Vice President. Then he doesn’t. Then some power players say they want to see him as John McCain’s running mate. Other powerful people do not.

Listen, Republicans. We love the thrill of the chase as much as anyone. But this romantic tension is more played out than Ross and Rachel.

In today’s Globe, we get yet another piece about why Romney would be good for McCain.

His economic expertise and experience as governor could balance John McCain’s strength on foreign policy and long tenure in the US Senate. He is a decade younger than the 71-year-old senator and looks younger still.

God. He is such a fox.

But Mitt Romney’s most valuable role as McCain’s running mate could be as rainmaker.

Whatever. We’ve heard it all before. Mitt knows rich businesspeople, while the richest person McCain knows is his wife. Romney isn’t as young as the svelte Barack Obama, but he’s eras younger than the Arizona senator.

Give us a new storyline, or print up the McCain/Romney bumper stickers already. We’re starting to feel like Kevin Cullen over here.