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1212582779It’s all over but the concession: Barack Obama clinched the number of delegates necessary to win the Democratic nomination, but Hillary Clinton has yet to admit defeat. [Globe]

Cough cough: Eternally frustrated Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser is demanding doctor’s notes from the 122 firefighters who called out sick on Memorial Day. One out of five of the jakes scheduled to work the holiday feigned illness were absent. [Herald]

Though there’s no need to call out sick when you’ve got this gig: The Herald catches several DPW workers assigned to open and close the Northern Avenue bridge watching TV, washing their cars, and having a cookout while on the clock. Save us some of that chicken, guys—it looks tasty. [Herald]

At least it wasn’t steroids, right? Patriots offensive tackle Nicholas Kaczur has had a busy off-season. He was arrested after police allegedly caught him with oxycodone in April, then helped officers nab his dealer. [Globe]