Play Nice, Celtics Fans

It’s only a matter of hours before Game 6 of the NBA Finals tips off at the Garden, and we know you’re really excited by the prospect of a championship being won on Boston soil. The Red Sox and Patriots have celebrated all their victories in other people’s houses, and you have to go all the way back to 1986 to find a championship trophy hoisted in the city.

Should we be so fortunate tonight, for the love of God, behave yourselves.

The rest of the world is just waiting for some guy named Sully to flip a car or fist-bump his friends so enthusiastically that they end up in the hospital. Our friends at Deadspin are already casting a wary eye.

For all the success, infuriating and otherwise, that the New England area has had to celebrate over the last few years, they’ve never actually clinched a title at home. Both the World Series wins were on the road, and the Super Bowl wins were, you know, at the Super Bowl. We are curious how Boston will handle a hometown championship win.

The site’s commenters then go on to make the obligatory Mooninite and dead student jokes. Stay classy, anonymous commenters!
The city is going about the very public business of reminding an excitable and sleep-deprived citizenry that the cops will be out in force to reign in any overzealous celebrations.

“We’ll have enough officers on to address any security concerns,” said Boston Police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll. “This is an exciting time for the city and we want it to go without incident.”

Come on, Bostonians. We’ve watched our favorite teams win championships five times since 2001. You should be able to handle the excitement without caving to a mob mentality. So enjoy your beer, cheer for the C’s, and don’t give anyone a reason to shoot their mouth off about Boston fans.