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1213879015Cooking a steak should take time, not waiting for an ambulance: It took an ambulance more than 12 minutes to arrive on the scene of a shooting earlier this week. The delay was so long that police took the critically-injured infant to the hospital in a cruiser. [Herald]

If you invested all that energy in studying for the test, maybe you wouldn’t need to cheat: State documents show that Boston firefighters have been memorizing answers on a promotional test to share with their colleagues so they know what material will be on the test. [Globe]

Maybe he’s pitching the film adaptation of his autobiography? Gov. Deval Patrick won’t be in town for today’s Rolling Rally. Instead, he’ll be talking up Massachusetts’ burgeoning film industry in California and campaigning for Barack Obama in Chicago. Hopefully he works in a “You’re not Jordan, Kobe” while in L.A. [Herald]

Don’t take your anger out on the gas station owners: They’re losing money because of high gas prices too. [Globe]