The Globe Discovers Pink Hats

Back in the early days of this blog, we wrote a threepart epic about the proliferation of pink hats and what they mean for sports fans. What was once limited to Red Sox fans has spread to basketball, football, and even hockey.

The pink hats have been around for years now. People have formed their opinions one way or the other. But just in case some grandma in Chelsea hasn’t heard about the trend, the Globe finally gets around to reporting on it today.

Hey, welcome to the bandwagon, friends!

If local sports blogs, fan sites, and talk radio are any indication, the sniping is approaching fever pitch, now that the Sox have two recent Series wins to their credit.

Actually, it started shortly after the Sox won the World Series in 2004. Kristen over at Basegirl wrote this post decrying the pink hats and what they mean to her as a female sports fan.

My problem is that creating a subset of athletic apparel specifically for a certain demographic is demeaning and panders to women. I don’t care if women don’t like sports. . . . What I hate is that Major League Baseball is essentially saying, “We know you don’t really care about baseball and you’re only here because your boyfriend made you come but look, we made a cute little pink hat just for you so you can be a fan too.”

And Soxaholix dismissed the furor back in 2006.

[A]ll I evah heah is how the Red Sox are like a religion. Well, you think if someone walks into St. Marks and says they want to convert that the priest is going to be all, “Well, dude, where the fuck were you when we were getting thrown to the lions?”

Is there some sort of quirk in the space-time continuum over at Morrissey Boulevard? Today it’s the shocking pink hat expose, and yesterday it was Yvonne Abraham reacting with shock and outrage over the Celtics victory celebration that happened over a week ago. Tomorrow, we expect to see a package on the shocking “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline in the Chicago Daily Tribune.