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As you may have noticed, we here at Boston Daily have a weakness for political gossip. Whether Paul McMorrow is countering baseless speculation with some of his own in the Hill and the Hall, or if we’re hearing about where Mitt Romney sleeps at night, we can’t get enough news from our local politicians.

1214939736So you can imagine our excitement when we learned about Politicker MA, a blog that describes itself as “a virtual watercooler for the state’s political elite.”

Oooh. Tell us more!

Like Tip O’Neill, views all politics as local. Starting at City Hall and ending at the White House, we cover elections, party leadership contests, lobbyists, fundraisers, the media, and the business of how politicians select judges and prosecutors. We offer a close-up view inside politics for political insiders.

As Dan Kennedy points out, James Pindell, who last blogged the New Hampshire primary for, is managing editor of the site.

We’ve found a couple of interesting items in the last couple days, most notably news that Mitt Romney will be in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire to campaign on the Fourth of July, and that Christy Mihos has printed up some pretty cute bumper stickers in advance of a possible 2010 bid for governor.

Many of the items, like Ted Kennedy’s enthusiasm for a cut to a federal student loan rate, won’t make the daily papers, but are still of interest to many people (like debt-addled college graduates, for example). So welcome to the Internet, We’re happy to have you.