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1215001727Now BC has problems with a living powerhouse: Mayor Tom Menino is on the record as being opposed to Boston College’s plan to expand its campus further into Brighton. Cardinal William O’Connell is doubtlessly pleased. [Globe]

Speaking of the Archdiocese: The group has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Whirlpool, alleging the company breached its warranty because an old refrigerator sparked a fire at the Sacred Heart church in 2005. [Herald]

Hope you don’t have plans to drive on the 4th: Vice President Dick Cheney will visit Old Ironsides on Independence Day, and wherever Cheney goes, road closures are sure to follow. [Globe]

Chilling news: Politicians at the local and national levels are scrambling to secure more home heating assistance for this winter. Experts predict home heating oil could cost as much as $4.50 per gallon, leading to deaths of the elderly and people on fixed incomes. Suddenly, the hot weather doesn’t seem so bad, does it? [Herald]