A Short History of Boston’s Storied Strippers

1215708120As you may have heard (unless you live in Kevin Cullen’s rock house), Alex Rodriguez’s marriage is ending, largely because of his affinity for strippers and pop stars. But Toronto and New York aren’t the only cities where A-Rod reportedly broke his marriage vows.

Candice Houlihan, a former stripper at Boston’s own Centerfolds, claims she had an affair with the Yankees third baseman in 2004, and Cynthia Rodriguez’s lawyers say they may talk to her as the divorce proceedings continue.

While Houlihan is the controversial stripper du jour, Boston has a long history of stripper-centric scandal. After the jump, it’s the sexiest history review since you studied Henry VIII.

Mo Vaughn liked the Foxy Ladies
The former Red Sox first baseman continuously traveled up and down I-95, and not because he kept getting sent for rehab stints in Pawtucket. Vaughn had an infamous love of the ladies at Providence’s Foxy Lady. He faced charges of drunk driving when he crashed his car on the way back from the club in 1998, but was later cleared.

More Foxe trouble
Back when the Combat Zone was a collection of strip clubs and movie houses and not the Emerson College campus, Arkansas Rep. Wilbur Mills kissed his political career goodbye by appearing onstage with renowned stripper Fanne Foxe at the old Pilgrim Theater. This came only months after the dancer ran from his car when they had been pulled over for drunk driving.

The Princess and the psychologist
Lucy Wightman, better known to patrons of Combat Zone strip clubs in the ’70’s and ’80’s as Princess Cheyenne, went on to become a bodybuilder and a practicing psychologist. Unfortunately, she wasn’t a licensed psychologist, and she was convicted of providing false health care, larceny, and, of course, practicing psychology without a license.

And now for something completely different
Usually, the Celtics players are the ones being cheered to victory. But the tables were turned as the team rooted for an amateur stripper from Somerville as she performed in Las Vegas earlier this month. Danielle Rueda-Watts took first place and the $10,000 grand prize thanks to their efforts.

Just be sure to stay away from politicians and married baseball players, Danielle.