Mr. Kennedy Goes to Washington

With stories like this, we wish we had the rich, sonorous voice of a voice-over artist.

1215700394Ted Kennedy’s triumphant return to the floor of the Senate yesterday continues to get more dramatic. Not only did he end the Republican filibuster on an important Medicare bill, but he cast the deciding vote.

If Martin Scorsese isn’t writing a screenplay about the last years of the liberal lion’s life, we’ll eat our hat.

We can just imagine the previews now.

“The most powerful living member of a political dynasty fights the battle of his life.”

Cut to dramatic footage of Kennedy receiving his diagnosis, asking his doctors with a stony expression how much time he has left, mentally calculating how much legislation he can get passed.

“When it came to the illness that threatened to end his life, he was just as aggressive as he was on the Senate floor.”

Quick clip of the surgery to remove his tumor, complete with dramatic pulse monitor beeping.

“But this privileged son wasn’t content to be one of the few Americans to get such excellent care. He put the needs of average Americans above his own.

“Mr. Kennedy went back to Washington when America needed him most.”

Insert C-SPAN footage of the standing ovation, teary-eyed Republicans, and Kennedy’s energetic “Aye” vote for the legislation.

This completely imaginary movie is going to rule.