Swimming Hole Haters

1216132218There’s nothing more quintessentially summertime in New England than jumping into a swimming hole. Children scream wildly as they jump into the cold water, getting relief from the summer sun. Even some adults get in on the action, reliving their youth by taking the plunge on a hot day.

And then there are the summer Scrooges who hate the idea of anyone having fun.

A minor controversy has erupted in Jamaica Plain. Some say that the Jamaica Pond should be reopened for public swimming, while others argue the unwashed masses will dirty the clear waters.

Then there’s all those pesky happy children.

“Can you imagine the deafening din of children from every corner of the city descending on the pond? Yikes!” wrote [Patrick] Lally [in the Jamaica Plain Gazette.]

Yes, God forbid the kids turn off the television for a few hours to enjoy one of the city’s natural resources. They might even support some of Jamaica Plain’s businesses with some of the money their parents left them for ice cream. Horrors!