The Boston Fire Department Is [Expletive]

1215611361The Boston Fire Department’s run of bad press continues with today’s item about Dr. John Mahoney, the neurologist who declared firefighter Albert Arroyo “totally and permanently disabled” 15 days before Arroyo took eighth place in a national bodybuilding competition.

Dr. Mahoney insists he’s not in the pocket of the Boston Fire Department, despite the fact that many of his patients are firefighters who have had their disability claims approved. But it’s his impressive use of profanity that really shows his ties to the department.

“I knew my practice would be destroyed. I accept that,” Mahoney said. “I am prepared to get [expletive]. . . . Holy [expletive]. I am [expletive] and it was in the stars.”

We love a well-timed f-bomb as much as the next person, but we typically save them for off-the-record conversations with friends. As those of you who’ve read Paul McMorrow’s piece on Local 718 president Ed Kelly know, the fire department doesn’t seem to share that philosophy.

“I don’t see our department being any better….We’re gonna be the same dysfunctional, fucked-up department we were when we began negotiating in 2006, with shitty equipment, shitty facilities, inadequate training facilities.”

And this comes less than a week after Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser called bullshit while talking about Arroyo’s disability claim with the Globe.

Gentlemen—life is not an episode of Rescue Me. It’s OK to diversify your language a little.