Arroyo-Watch 2008 Continues

If it take an apple a day to keep the doctor away, what exactly do you need to keep Mayor Tom Menino at a safe distance?

Bodybuilding firefighter Albert Arroyo may soon find out. He decided to defy Menino and Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser’s orders yesterday and did not show up for work. As a result, the city has not only taken away his tax-free disability salary, but they’ve stopped paying him entirely.

1216753692Today we learn why Arroyo hasn’t returned to the station. He’s waiting for his physician to write him a note.

Thankfully, the expletive-spewing neurologist who initially diagnosed Arroyo as “totally and permanently disabled” won’t be the one to potentially excuse him from duty this time around. The firefighter has 14 days to either return to work or find another doctor to give a good, medically-sound reason why he can’t. If Arroyo doesn’t find another doc to (not) clear him, he could lose his job.

Most of Boston is now aware that Arroyo’s back seems to be working just fine, so we can’t help but wonder if there’s a new medical malady brewing. WBZ’s report raises an intriguing scenario:

Sources tell WBZ that Albert Arroyo sought medical treatment at a local hospital on Monday for stress. He was not admitted to the hospital.

Gird yourselves for the firestorm (har har) if Arroyo pulls an Ernest Murphy and claims he can’t work due to the stress of all the media attention.