Happy Howie Carr Day

This afternoon, the Duck Boats will be called into service to transport a champion, and Howie Carr will be paraded through the streets of Boston. While he is not nearly as svelte as the usual Duck Boat paraders, Carr has nearly as many slavishly devoted followers as the athletes we’re used to seeing.

Yes, WRKO has deemed today Howie Carr Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The indentured servant recently learned he’ll be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, and the station is celebrating by sending their star personality on a tour of the city. (Oh, please, let it be on the Gay Duck Boat.)

Here are the details from a press release.

Never one to shy away from self-congratulation, Carr will board a Duck Boat and take the ride of champions to the State House. At approximately 3:08 PM on the stairs of the State House, Howie Carr will present a proclamation, signed by none other than himself, declaring it “Howie Carr Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” He hopes to be joined by some of his loyal listeners. Carr will continue his live broadcast from the Duck Boat until 4 PM, and then continue the broadcast from Eastern Standard Restaurant in Kenmore Square.

Two things:

1. Doesn’t the mayor or the governor typically sign off on naming days after people? If all it takes is a self-signed declaration, we’re going to start drafting the paperwork to celebrate Boston Daily’s first birthday next month.

2. Beware of Eastern Standard’s Celebration Cocktail Menu, as Chowder and Bostonista can tell you.