Charting the Cognos-DiMasi Relationship

Details on the closeness of House Speaker Sal DiMasi and Cognos continue to emerge. The Globe reports that King Sal’s personal accountant and law partner were both involved with the company as the state considered multi-million dollar contracts with the software giant.

Cognos and Sal’s pals are so deeply connected that the paper actually had to create a flow chart to help readers keep the relationships straight.

Flow charts are never good signs when potential scandal is involved.

The last time we needed a chart to keep track of relationships was in our high school English class discussion of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The teacher had to hastily scribble a diagram to explain that Hermia loves Lysander, although her father wants her to marry Demetrius, with whom her friend Helena is in unrequited love with. It’s kind of the same thing on Beacon Hill, but with fewer faeries.

King Sal

Photo by John Goodman.