Look Who Wants His Job Back

1217872147When we last left Albert Arroyo, officials said the bodybuilding firefighter had “voluntarily separated” himself from the Boston Fire Department by not showing up for work, despite an order to do so.

To borrow a phrase from Terry Bradshaw, Arroyo might be dumb, but he ain’t stupid. The firefighter wants his job back.

If we were making $68,133 a year for inspecting buildings, especially on a tax-free basis as Arroyo was while the Boston Retirement Board was considering whether he was permanently disabled, we’d want the gig back too.

Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser scheduled a hearing for Tuesday so Arroyo can explain himself to the department. Arroyo is going to need a brilliant doctor’s note to explain away that video of him flexing in a bikini bottom.

Photo from BFD website