Soon-to-Be Divorced Kid on the Block

1219157438It’s a good thing the New Kids on the Block reunited. If the band hadn’t gotten back together, it would have been a dismal stretch for Donnie Wahlberg. In November, Spike TV decided not to renew The Kill Point, a series in which the Dorchester native starred, and then in January, Wahlberg and his wife, Kim Fey, separated.

Fey decided not to hang tough with the pop star, and filed for divorce yesterday. has a copy of the divorce filing, in which Fey cites irreconcilable differences and seeks spousal support from Wahlberg. The couple has two boys, ages 7 and 15.

We’d make a joke about how the ardor of NKOTB’s passionate fans will only be stoked by the move, but the administrator on a Donnie Wahlberg fan forum made it clear she won’t tolerate any celebrating the sad news.

I have been horrified by the posts on other boards (even by some people who are actually members on this board as well). I cannot comprehend why anyone, who claims to care about Donnie, would celebrate such an obviously painful event in his life (not to mention Kim’s and their children’s lives). It sickens me that anyone would “celebrate [this event] like a kid on Christmas morning” (a quote from a member on another board).

Consider us appropriately distraught.


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